Pledge - Communicate your multi-year donations or on-time donation to Temple Shalom

For Atty - If you already have a will, you don’t need to start over.  You can amend your will with a simple codicil.  You can also amend your trust.  A bequest affords you great flexibility.  If your circumstances change, you can make adjustments to your will (or living trust) at any time. Use this form to communicate your wishes to your attorney.

Intent - Used in conjunction with the attorney form to inform Temple Shalom of your intent to leave a bequest

Forms Information

Temple Shalom gratefully accepts gifts of any size towards its goal of building our total investment profile to $3M.
Whether it's a one time donation, or a multi-year pledge, we hope that you will consider
Temple Shalom in your philanthropic plans.


Please mail your completed form and/or check to:

Temple Shalom L'Dor V'Dor Giving Program

1523 East Monument

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

The services of a qualified legal counsel or a financial planner should be sought for specific advice pertaining to your estate plan.

1523 East Monument Colorado Springs, CO 80909   (719) 634-5311