Temple Shalom offers grief counseling to Temple members who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Rabbi Glazer is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and has conducted many individual and group Grief Recovery Seminars. Rabbi Glazer has always been interested in Hevra Kadisha, the group of devoted women and men who prepare Jewish bodies for burial. He is a Board Member of Kavod V'Nichum (Honor and Comfort), an international organization devoted to Jewish burial and mourning practices, and is a permanent invited speaker at the annual Kavod V'Nichum Conferences on "The Out-Loud Feelings of Anonymous Hevra Kadisha Members." He is a member of their Board, and Editor of the Newsletter (http://www.jewish-funerals.org/cknewsmay2007.htm). His article on how he became interested in Hevra Kadisha may be found here.

Rabbi Glazer is also the author of the book "And God Created Hope", which first connects Biblical stories of loss with our own personal stories of loss (http://www.andgodcreatedhope.com), and then leads mourners on a healing journey "from mourning to morning." His booklet "When Death Visits A Jewish Home: 99 Actions for Mourners," is a guide for those who have lost a loved one and want to learn what Judaism has to say about the way we say good-bye (http://www.whendeathvisitsajewishhome.com). He is a writer of articles on numerous topics which are available here and on his personal website (http://www.yourgriefmatters.com) which help mourners better understand grief and mourning.